Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stitch From Stash January post

You all remembered that I'm going to try and stitch from my stash this year didn't you?
So far I'm doing ok but as we're aren't even a month into the year it's not really a surprise is it.

My January 1st start this year is Flower Tender and is the last of the bigger Pocket Dragon designs that were available in chart form so of course it's from my stash.
I really didn't get far with it because I needed to get Lewis finished so it got an hour or two spent on it and that was it.

Once Lewis was done I made a start on Thread Bear which is a kit that has been in my stash for around 20 years, yes you read that right!
I remember buying it and it's probably the thing that's been there longest but I won't swear to that.

My next new start is simply called Sunflowers and is the one I've used some of my budget for.   The chart, fabric and 2 of the colours are from stash but I had to buy the other 6 because it calls for Anchor and I don't have many of those.

I checked about the budget beforehand with being in the UK and was told that sticking to £25 was ok but I've seen other UK stitchers going with £15 which is roughly what $25 converts to so I thought I'd split the difference and go with £20.
My plan is to save it up all year so I have something to spend if I go to Harrogate again this year or maybe the NEC in November.

New starts from stash = 3
PHD's worked on = 2 (Lewis and the tree farm)
£ spent = 6 x 90p = £5.40
Budget left = £14.60


Pull the other thread said...

Beautiful projects. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with them Well done on sticking to your budget.

loulee said...

I believe I have a kit that has been waiting for at least 20 years too!
A stash only group which I used to lurk around the edges of, allowed swapping among members in order to gain threads. That might be a way to preserve your budget?

Kate said...

Good start to the year Lindsay. I'm participating too and wondered about the $ - £ conversion, £20/month sounds like a good compromise. I was also going to save my budget surplus for Harrogate.
Nice new starts.

Angela P said...

Well done :) Great SFS report! Mine has just been posted too.

Angela P said...

Well done :) Great SFS report! Mine has just been posted too.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on your three starts from stash! Best of luck with the challenge this year!

Justine said...

I'm going to copy you with the £20! £25 feels unfair but with the price of DMC in the UK, £15 doesn't go very far. Cute new starts.

Chris said...

Great job on SFS. Your new projects look great!

Anonymous said...

Your projects are coming along nicely - I need to do that Stitch from Stash challenge as well!!

Julie said...

Well done on your budget.

I just wrote on Clare's blog, are you allowed to Swap From Stash, if there is something you need you could always ask and we could swap, does that count??

Andrea said...

Well done on the budget. Good luck!

Faith... said...

Great stitching - looking forward to seeing your sunflowers.

You did pretty good with the budget!
I have posted my Stitch from Stash update too.