Friday, February 13, 2015

A finish and an appeal

I fell in love with this guy a couple of years back when I saw the in my local craft shop but it's taken me until this week to get round to stitching him.
I started him on Monday and finished him just before I came online this evening :)

Way back in 2010 I stitched Triangularity from Cross Eyed Kat and wanted to do the other one's in the series but didn't get the charts because of a lack of funds:(
Now I have a little spare cash I thought I'd get one of them but she seems to have disappeared, I can find images of them but nothing more :(

So I'm hoping that someone out there that reads my blog has them and will either sell them to me or let me loan them for a few months, pretty please.





Justine said...

Cute teddy! Sorry I can't help with the designs you're looking for but I hope someone can.

Cath said...

Great finish . Sorry I haven't got any of the charts you want , but I do know that Erin at Fairy Tales and French Knots has stitched Labrynth , so she may still have the chart , you will have to check with her . Good Luck x

Cath said...
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Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love mazes so hope you can find these charts. There is a FB group called Cross Stitch Hunting which might be able to help track them down.

Mii Stitch said...

Sweet little teddy :)
Sorry, I'm no help with these charts. Hope someone comes to the rescue!

Julie said...

Hope you manage to get the charts.
He's a sweetie