Tuesday, December 08, 2015


We had our annual Krampus evening on Friday night which meant the Christmas ornaments I make each year were handed out.  This year everyone got a bauble, all the patterns are from Threadabead




My Parents

We had a lovely evening right up until we were getting in the car to leave.
My Dad and I were already in the car and Fella was strapping Teejay into his seat when a guy hit the open door :(   
Thankfully Fella wasn't hurt but the door is damaged and won't shut without a bit of brute force :(  so now I have the long fight to get it fixed because although he admitted it was his fault to his Insurance company they are arguing it


blue star stitcher said...

What lovely ornaments you gifted your family with. Hope you are on your way to having a fixed door, insurance companies can be so nasty.

Julie said...

Wonderful collection for your family.
Hope you get the car fixed quickly, me and insurance and not pals at the moment

Christine said...

Lovely ornaments. I hope you get the insurance sorted out soon. If you were stationary when it happened I don't see how he has a case

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely selection of ornaments. I hope your insurance claim is sorted quickly.