Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rivoli necklaces

A few weeks ago at the weekly beading group I spotted a kit I've not seen before, feel in love and decided I would have to treat myself to it.
When I told the owner she said I could have the pattern if I bought the rivoli's from her so I did :)

First I pulled out some lovely gold shadow ones and after playing about I came up with lemon and white for them

If you look close you can see that the facets on the bottom one are a little darker then the top ones I did it to make it a little different.

I also picke dout some lovely smokey grey rivoli's and paired them with one of my favourite seed beads, shame I've almost run out of them now :(

And again a better idea of the colours

And just had to go and make a black and red one as well :)

I do like black and red as a colour combo

I loved making these and when I get back I can see more in other colourways appearing as well as playing about to make the componant into earrings :)


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Beautiful beadwork, as always Lindsay. Lovely choice of colour ways.

Julie said...

They are wonderful Lindsay, wouldn't they look great on a lovely young lady at a teenagers prom night.

Christine said...

They are beautiful!

Joysze said...

Beautiful, Lindsay!