Friday, May 20, 2016

Progress, new start and a finish

A long over due for you this evening.

I went away on a stitching based holiday to Scarborough 2 weeks ago today and I've back a week and not posted a thing about it :(  so I'll start with the stitching I did while I was there.

Friday night saw Alchemical Romance get some attention and a few more motifs appeared

Sat and Sunday saw me working on In the post as normal, this pic is way out of date now because I has last weekend on it as well and I'm now over half way with it :)

The last project I worked is Lizzie Kate's Sweet Tooth boxers.
They have been sat in my stash for years waiting their turn and it finally arrived :)
As you can see I started and finished Cupcake and got the border for Pie done 

Once I got home I got the inner border done on pie but no pic of that  and it's just a few lines of brown so pretty boring really.


Linda said...

Nice progress on all of your projects Lindsay.


Renee said...

Lovely stitching! The cupcake is cute. :)

Julie said...

Hope you enjoyed Scarborough, I do love it there.
Nice progress you've been making, the postbox has grown such a lot.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Good progress on all your projects.