Saturday, April 01, 2017

March progress & April goals

For March I said
Finish the model   Yes and another one arrived and was done and returned
Pick a new weekend project    Yes but for reason's I'm not going to go into it's been put aside and another picked
Stitch on the last RR   Yes and it's been sent home early as well
Start something new  Yes and I finished it
Work on hexie flowers   I think I managed to get a couple done early in the month but that was all
Sell some stash   Yes more things found new homes

For April I'd like to
Start my summer SAL project (and maybe the spring one as well)
Make good progress on my weekend project
Start & finish the last of the LK sweet tooth boxers
Stitch the NH April challenge
Hexie flowers as ever :)
Sell some stash (well there's a surprise goal)

I stitched for 78 hours 56 minutes in March not bad for a month that involved a major upheavel in my life that's going to take time to get over and meant that some days I literally put one x in something so I could say I stitched that day!! But I still managed to have 4 new starts and 5 finishes mostly in the first half  of March.  I'm slowly returning to my normal self and have made friends with my needle once more :)

Current PHD total = 26

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Kerryp77 said...

Good luck with the April goals