Thursday, January 17, 2008

New start #4

A birth sampler for my first grandchild due March 23
I picked up the Riddle this morning fully intending to spend all day today and tomorrow on it before joining in on a TW SAL this weekend.
But after trying to the queen stitch beehive 4 times I gave up (doesn't help that I've been sick all week and my head is still catching up with the rest of my body in getting better) and started a nice simple Waxing Moon design of a Snowman instead

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Mad about Craft said...

This comment is nothing to do with your current post but in reply to a comment (Thank you for commenting by the way)on my blog.
You know me from Knots & Needles cross stitch group when we both belonged to that back in the late 90's (it seems to be still going, do you ever go?)Once you realise who I am you might never want to look at my blog again but I hope you do.
Lizet & I are wanting to start a knitting group in Northwich. I know your 1st love is cross stitch but I know you knit as well, also you may inspire me to pick up my cross stitch WIPs, of which I've loads!!!
Hope you do contact me
Regards, Ailsa