Sunday, January 06, 2008

Things I keep getting moaned at for not posting

AKA I have a bad memory

First up is the scan of my first Grandchild due March 23rd, I've had this since November but 1) I have a bad memory and 2) I couldn't get a decent pic on the digicam.
I now however have a nice new all in one that talks to my new puter so I thought I'd better it done before I get moaned at again by DD

Also from DD is the news that she got engaged on Christmas Day last year and they plan to get married on July 4th 2009
I've told DD that she needs to get it booked now and tell DT that he's not allowed to be filming that day cause I want to meet him (DD's BF is friends with The Doctor)

And the last thing is my final advent gift, ExH gave me a beautiful sparklie silver pendant

It took me about 3 hours today to get the new gadget up and running, it's not that I'm a techno phob? but that I've been fighting a migraine all day so could only do a bit at a time before my brain gave up or felt like throwing up from moving to much
The little pink and yellow pills are working their magic at last and I don't feel quite so bad now

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Mel said...

ur grandchild an my nephew :D:D