Monday, January 07, 2008

The second new start is......

TW's Mermaid, stitched on Beige Jazlyn and started on Saturday morning

Most of what you can see was done on Saturday, I spent most of Sunday fighting a migraine and wasn't up to stitching until quite late in the day
I got to see an almost finished one in person last year and was tempted to start it then but I resisted because I wanted to get Floral Belpull done first then a SAL came up on TWBB the first weekend of the month so I thought why not.
Other than the SAL I'm planning on working on it one day of the third weekend when I take part in a TW SAL

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Gosia said...

That looks very yummy for a new start :) In general it looks like a very yummy year for you, Mermy, new grandchild. Congrats and enjoy it :) :)