Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do you want something?

Millie was spread out on the window sill at lunch time fast asleep and she looked so happy and settled that I thought I'd capture the moment and she choose that instant to wake up and look at me. To me she just looks like she thinking 'you want something?'
And because he's not been on here for a while I thought Toby shold put in an apperance as well but had to wait for him to move to the top of the log.

He looked at the camera and then at me as much as to say 'Help, the mad woman's back again and what on earth is that thing she's stuck in my face!'


Daffycat said...

Millie is such a pretty cat! I just love the expression on her face.

Toby is kinda cute too, I guess! Sorry, Mel, but he's just not quite as cuddly as Millie. ;o)

mesdupmoi said...

Millie is a cute cat, I have to admit.

Umm, Mum.. You Camera says it's October '07! What's going on there?


Lindsay said...

I had no idea the year was wrong, I've fixed it now

Quirky said...

Millie is a sweetie...but then again...what cat isn't? lol Toby is a handsome devil. Lovely colouring.