Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A stitching Meme

I came across this while blog surfing a few days ago but can't remember where it was to give credit

1, How old were you when you started cross stitching? 19

2, Who taught you to cross stitch? Me

3, What inspired you to begin cross stitching? A free kit on the cover of a magazine, I decided I may as well try it as it was there (and free)

4, What has been your most difficult cross stitch piece? Any one of my TW's

5, Do you have friends that stitch? Only online although there are couple of WI members that stitch but I'm not particually close to them

6, What is your favorite stitched piece? Daydreams that I posted a week or so ago, it was my first non kit finish not long after I started stitching

7, What is your favorite fabric? I love 40 count but don't have much of it so tend to use 28

8, What is your favorite fiber? I'm a big fan of Crescent colours

9, What is your favorite needle? 26 or 28 Piecemaker depending on the fabric count

10, Do you prefer black & white or colored charts? Black & White, I find colour ones a little confusing, difficult to make a working copy from and hard to highlight

11, How many Works In Progress do you have at this time? Without going and checking I think it's 46

12, How many UFO's do you have at this time? 1 and that's only because I've lost the floss and part of the chart in one of my house moves the last few years

13, How many cross stitch charts/kits/mags do you own? I daren't count them

14, How much fabric do you have in stock at this time? Probably enough that I wouldn't have to buy any ever again but I still will

15, Where is your favorite place to stitch? In one of the two sofa in the living room, which one depends on the time of day and if I need the floor stand for a scroll frame

16, What is your favorite time of day to stitch? Any time I can get hold of needle works for me

17, How many pieces have you stitched in your lifetime? Haven't got a clue but I would guess at hundreds

18, Do you give your stitched pieces away? Only to my Mum, DD's and in exchanges

19, How many different fibers do you have in stock at this time? I have no idea but a fair few

20, How many pairs of scissors do you own? 5 that I can think of but it's probably more (it is if you count paper & fabric scissors)

21, Do you use stitching enhancers (lights, scroll frames...etc)? I have a daylight lamp at one end of the living room and at the other I have a floor stand that I use when I'm stitching with a scroll frame but I have been known to use it with Q snaps as well

22,How many pieces that have been stitched but not yet framed or finished off in some other way do you have at this time? I have a drawer they all get put it and it's about 1/4 full

23, Do you have a craft/stitching room? No sadly

24, Why do you stitch? Because I enjoy it and I was brought up with my Parents always doing something in an evening so to just sit and watch the TV seems like a waste of time

25, What is your most memorable time related to cross stitching? Meeting TW when she came over here several years ago

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Hehe I stole the quiz and It's on my blog now too.

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