Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fantasy Sampler

Now that the Orchids are finished I can get on with Fantasy Sampler as it's TW October over on the Wagon

The general plan is to spend the first 30 mins - 1 hr on the greenery border each day it's the one bit of this that I'm not enjoying working on and I don't know why, normally I don't have a problem with confetti and fiddly bits of stitching but on this it just drive's me mad.
I'll try and remember to do a weekly update on it from now on, it'll help keep me motivated to get it finished this year


mesdupmoi said...

Good luck with getting it all finished! x

Jo said...

I really enjoyed this piece - it was my first ever TW, and so different to anything else I'd done before. Although the combination of blending filament and confetti stitches in the green border was very daunting - it waws tricky, but I loved the way it turned out.

Godd luck for getting this finished

Dani - tkdchick said...

Oooh your TW looks fantastic! I've been getting the urge to work on a TW lately!