Monday, October 27, 2008


A new round of the UFORR has started and once I again I signed up, it's the one RR I'll do and I love it. I spent most of last week working on Sali's Life in the Trees. I've always loved this design but when it first appeared it was out of my budget and now I don't think it's available anymore :(
As it arrived

The area I worked on

And as it leaves me

I didn't feel like I'd made much progress, it felt like I spent more time starting and ending the floss (precut length's, too short for my liking) than actully stitching but looking at the pics now I can see I did make some decent progress on it.

I spent yesterday working on Fantasy Sampler, it after all TWSAL month on the Wagon and I've hardly touched it :( I've decided to bite the bullet and get stuck in on the dreaded greenery border, I'm really not enjoying that part of this and kept putting it off but I figure if I concentrate on it for a few days and get it done I can do the more fun bits.

As I left it Sunday afternoon

I'm not sure how much I'll get done on it today as Mum has to go for a Bone Density scan this afternoon and I'm not sure if I'm taking her or Dad yet.
My Dad's knee is better now so he'll be going back to work very soon and my days of being at home will be over as I go back to looking after Mum.
Mum is slowly healing, she's moving better now but is still in a fair bit of pain with it although the Morphine makes a huge difference.
Caleb's first tooth cut through yesterday and he doesn't seem to bothered by it, I was talking to Heather on the phone yesterday and could hear him in the background making his normal happy sounds.


KarenV said...

Great progress on both Lindsay!

mesdupmoi said...

Yay you remembered =]

Good progress on the WIP and the UFORR.

Enjoy the last days of freedom =]