Saturday, November 07, 2009

My NEC haul

Friday I went to the NEC for Hobbycraft & Crafts for Christmas had a lovely day but got stuck in traffic on the M6 coming home, combined with 3 or 4 lots of roadworks within 10 juctions of each other it took 2 1/2 hours to get home. The trip normally takes a little over an hour to do.

The delica's at the top are one's that I ordered from Spellbound and are off my list of ones I need for various planned projects, the cube's are for a Christmas present, the other delica's just because I liked the colours and the 6mm down the bottom are a couple of options for the tassel bit of the snowman ornament.
The poppy kit was a bargin at just £3 but I will be changing the fabric when I evntually get round to it. I was talking to the guy on the stand selling the Sunflower kit and almost didn't buy it because as normal for a UK kit producer it has aida in it (pet hate of mine, aida in kits and flat out refusal to offer charts seperately) but he has promised to send me a piece of evenweave for it and I couldn't resist the Snowman :)
My only card making purchases

I've been tempted by the Mighty Bright clip on light for a while and once I knew it will go on a Q Snap I decided to take the plunge to get it and the adapter for it. I tried it last night and I now know that it's worth every penny and will making doing the over one on Mary Busby a doddle (she's on 40 count in case your forgot/ didn't know). Love those Madeira scissor sets they are fantastic for exchanges
And all my lovey new charts, the CC are for the Snow Globe


Daffycat said...

Holy moly. That is awesome stash. It looks like you had fun. Worth being stuck in traffic, I think!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great shopping - glad you enjoyed the day :)

Jo said...

Great haul! so, what are you most wanting to open and start right away?

Ranae said...

How fun! all that new stash looks.

Karen said...

Great new stash!