Monday, November 16, 2009

Totally Useless time

Today is the New Moon so that mean's it's time to get totally useless and post my ort jar pic.
This month there's orts from Mary Busby, Mary wigham, Triangularity, UFO RR, Fantasy Sampler, Christmas ornaments and nymo from all the beading projects I've been doing.
At one point last week it also had a bit of tinsel in it :) I had Caleb here for a few days and he likes playing with one of Millie's toys that's basically a piece of tinsel on a stick and a little bit fell off one day so Caleb put it in my ort jar.

Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday about my latest beading finish, I do appreciate them and every one makes me smile.

Blu asked if I was self taught or taken classes, well it's a bit of both. A few years ago I went to a class every Tuesday afternoon and learnt alot about basic beading techniques. Some were never covered so those I taught myself and I still go to classes now if the project interests me for instance I'm going to one in a week to make a Christmas tree and a couple of week safter that is 3D stars. The stitch used will be one I know but it's the how it's put together I'm going to learn.

A couple of comments also said about them needing varnishing so tomorrow when I post the next one I've finished I'll show you why it's needed


Karen said...

Great progress on your TUSAL!

Laural said...

Great progress!!

Daffycat said...

Purdy! I so love ORTs.

CindyMae said...

Great progress and thanks for the reminder as I had forgotten! LOL