Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing Catch up

I'm having computer problems again and so I'm having to use Mel's once more. I had started this post on mine but it decided that it wasn't going to play ball anymore otherwise there would of also been a pic of my Birthday start as well.
May has turned out to be a busy month for me and so things have got behind in many area's of my life esp. blogging.
Anyway a few updates for you.

First up is Carriage House Samplings Quaker Alphabet. I've done the top row since taking this pic this morning

Next is Nova.
I've not been able to keep up with a sqaure a day this month but I hav emade some progress on it

My monthly progress on Kaleidoscope

And this month's ornament is the first of the ones I owe Caleb.

I got Caleb to do the draw for my mystery giveaway this afternoon and he drew Edgar out of the bowl. Thank you to everyone that entered and I'll be in touch tomorrow Edgar when Mel's not waiting to go to sleep.

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Alice said...

You have such pretty projects on the go! I always love taking a peek at them.