Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bits and piece's

Remember back in July Berit unfortunately had to restitch her Arbour Day exchange to me because the original one went missing?
Well a couple of weeks ago I got one of those sorry it's been opened packages off Royal Mail with a somewhat mangled envelope in it along with a letter telling me that on March 17th at 9.17am a theft took place from my postman while he was doing his round!!!
The letter also says that action is being taken against an individual involved so I'm hoping that the lowlife gets exactly what they deserve.
Anyway a few days ago Berit posted pics of the original exchange and I have to say it's gorgeous and makes me even more annoyed with the little ****

Kristin asked if my necklace was done from a pattern and the answer is yes it's from Crystal Brilliance

I am stitching but I can't share just yet as one if for a private exchange and the other an ornament exchange so it's going to be a while yet before I can share either of them.
But I may have a beading finish to show early next week as work continues on the Santa mantle sitter and I'm almost done with his back now.

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Jo said...

I hope your postie is/was Ok. yes, they are little ********s. The pics you've shared recently are all lovely :)