Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Part 2 (pic heavy)

The afternoon saw us at Stapeley Water Gardens and in The Palms Tropical Oasis

The scene that greets you when you walk in that building at the far end houses a fountain and there are pics further down.


This scorpion really does glow in the dark, they have him in a viv under a ultra violet light to show it

Blind Cave Fish

I have no idea what this flower is but it's really cool 

I got to play about with the settings on my camera and use some of the functions for the first time esp the one for glass and leaf mode :)


Cath said...

Great pics . I think the flower is called a Bird of Paradise Flower ?

cymberleah said...

I've always known the flower as a Bird of Paradise, as well.

Jo said...

Great pics - looks like a lovely day out. I love lambing season!

Daffycat said...

A lovely place to visit. We used to sell Emperor Scorpions at the pet shop I used to work in. They give me the creeps! Isn't it wierd how scorpions glow in the dark?

Karan said...

Looks like you had two great days out there Lindsay. Bet the lambing was rather special though. :0)