Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend Stitching

First of all here's the one I forgot in my last post, February's challenge freebie from the The Stitcherhood and I gave it to DBF for Valentine's Day.

Friday was Mary Wigham day and I finished the white motif but you can't see it in the big pic :(

So to prove it's done :)  it does show IRL but for some reason not in pics.

This weekend's progress on Celtic Banner

And I spent some time at DBF's so Celtic Griffin got worked on a little.

Sunday afternoon DBF and I went to one of those antique places that has lots of small stalls under one roof and I went with searching for a flower frog in mind.   I did find a few but none of them really spoke to me and none of them had a pot to match so I left them on the shelf.
DBF was on the lookout for them as well and pointed out a posy pot as a poss alternative and after wandering round all afternoon and not finding one that wanted to come home with me I went back and got the posy pot.
I've tried my scissors in it and they fit but because there's no support in the bottom they tend to fall over so I'm going to get some of those glass pebbles to fill the pot up with so they don't.


Karen said...

You have some great projects going! Love the little posey pot...too cute!

happy stitching....

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your wips. Love your posey pot.

Rachael xxx said...

Lovely progresses on your stitching.
But I have to say I love your posy pot, I like the design on it, pretty!!

Pointed Stitcher said...

All you pieces are so lovely. Some day I am going to stitch Mary Wigham, just love that sampler ;)

Patty C. said...

Great Progress

Sally said...

Lovely progress and a sweet little finish.

Karan said...

Great colour choices for the Challenge piece. We got a rose bowl for a wedding present that I've never used & is still boxed up in the back of the wardrobe... reckon you've just given it a new lease of life with this idea. :0)