Friday, March 18, 2011

This weeks crafting

I spent 3 hours on Caleb's birth sampler this week although you wouldn't think so.
I discovered that I had missed a line out in the pale blue and so had to frog the pale blue and the line around it and restitch it :(

I've made another couple of bells, the one on the left is made with 6mm crsytals, the one on the right with 4mm crystals 

And I have an almost happy dance with my triangle bracelet, I'm still waiting for the clasp to come in stock at the bead shop


Carla said...

How intricately detailed. You are quite talented. Tried myself once many moons ago, everything I did was lopsided.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your beadwork is just lovely.

Lisa said...

Nice progress on your UFO, and I love the beading you've done, those bells are so cute.

Silverlotus said...

Your beadwork is just amazing. I'm in awe every time you share pictures of it.

The birth sampler is coming along really well too. You make me feel like I really should get started on my son's. (I think Caleb and my little guy are around the same age, if I remember right.(

Ruth said...

The bells and bracelet look amazing, what detail work you do ! fab... the sampler is coming on great, it is annoying though when you discover a missed line..

Karan said...

Love the beaded lovelies & have enjoyed seeing all your stitchy projects too... the Celtic Banner is gorgeous. :0)