Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I like my postman

Over the last couple of weeks my postman has brought me some lovely goodies but I've been really, really slow in sharing at least the first one.

I joined a RAK group/exchange over at Needlecraft Haven recently. The idea is that you send at least one person in your group a RAK each month for the next 3 months.

Shelia sent the first lot of goodies, the card is hand painted silk and much brighter IRL and I'm already thinking what I can use the threads and bell pull ends for.

Lisa sent these beauties over the weekend.  Those frames are actually cards for you to put your stitching/ photo/whatever in and although I've been stitching for donkey's years now I've yet to try Carries Thread so I'm looking forward to that.

And lastly as you know I take part in a weekly UFO stitching session that Julie runs on Needlecraft Haven.
A couple of weeks ago she ran a little competition for those that posted a pic of their progress and it happened to be the first week I'd worked on mine for a while!
Julie wrote the names on pieces of paper and gave them to Mr Moe to play with and the that he played with most won and that was me :)
So Mrs Tape Measure came to live with me over the weekend and so far she's taken up residence on the computer desk but she may move home to my beading area in the next day or two.


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gifts received.

Rachael xxx said...

The RAK exchange is great, Mrs Tape measure will be able to prod you if you miss a week or two lol

Karan said...

Have enjoyed my catch up & seeing all your gorgeous finishes & WIP's. Great giveaway win & RAK's. Well done on winning one of Julie's lovely bunnies too. :0)

Lisa said...

Glad you liked your RAK, the items Sheila sent were lovely weren't they. This exchange is a great idea.
Your new bunny is so cute, she will really help you with your ufo's.