Thursday, November 08, 2012


On and off over the last few weeks I've been trying to catch up on diamonds for my bead mat and while I've made a dent in the ones that need doing I still have a fair few colours left to do and some of those need more than 1 diamond doing.
I reach a point where I'm fed up of making them and need a break from that part of the mat and because when I do reach that point there's normally a fair pile of them to add I do that instead.

I reached that point today but as it's NaBloPoMo I thought a pic of 27 diamonds and me rabbiting about them would do as a post :)

There's several in there that have been used in different projects so I made more than one.
So far I've got about half them added to the mat and hopefully I'll finish adding them tomorrow and will have before and after pics.


cucki said...

Wow so beautiful
Have a lovely weekend dear xxx

Chris said...

Wow, I can't wait to see them all assembled.