Friday, November 16, 2012

Kits for sale

With a house move on the cards I've been having a sort out as you do and I have some kits I'd like to sell    they have only been opened (if at all) to look at the contents as you do.
Postage is extra and I'll take paypal from anywhere

Lizzie Kate - Sweet Liberty Millenium kit £10
Please note there are no threads included, it's the way it arrived with me

The Sweetheart Tree - Irish Heart £7 (I paid £14.45)

The Sweetheart Tree - Lavender Luminescence £5.50 (I paid £11.50)

Little Santa - DMC kit £2.50

Art Deco Bugs Bunny Limited Edition Designer Stitches £15

100% Twouble Limited Edition Designer Stitches Kit £15

Micky Mouse Through the Ages Limited Edition kit £15

Electric Poppies - DMC kit £5

There may be more over the next couple of weeks so keep checking both here and my Sale Page 

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Rahenna said...

Hi Lindsay... if you still have the two Sweetheart Tree kits, I'd love to have them! I live in the US. Could you email me at :)