Sunday, November 18, 2012

Today I have....

Finished the second Angel (didn't see the point of posting a pic as she just the same)

Got round to making up a £1 kit from Spellbound that I've picked up at a show

Turned these from a Pandorian kit  (I finished the sides a week or so ago and put it aside because I thought it wasn't worth finishing until I had a pair of scissors for it but I remembered a pair I had in a work bag)

into this 

And made up another little kit  (a whole £1.20 this time) from Purple Penguin Beads I was going to make it into a pendant but decided in the end to leave it as a phone charm because I can use it as a scissor fob in the future


cucki said...

Wow everything is so cute..well done
Big hugs x

Julie said...

Awww lovely santa scissor holder and fob.

Chris said...

Fabulous projects!!

Denise SA said...

I love those earrings