Monday, November 12, 2012

Runekeeper progress

Here's my progress from the weekend on Runekeeper.
I was hoping to finish this block but with being out all day on Saturday I didn't get to pick my stitcing up at all :(

I put in an application for a house today please keep your fingers crossed for me


Terri Overton said...

Best of luck on the house!

I wanted to tell you I thought about you this weekend. I attended a craft festival where there was a make-it-take-it beading class. I can only aspire to your level ;)

cucki said...

It is looking so lovely
Good luck for the house:)
Love cucki x

Chris said...

Fingers crossed!
Great progress :)

Fee said...

Lovely stitching Lindsay and good luck on the house, holding thumbs for you.
Fee x

Linda said...

Its looking good Lindsay. I really like this piece.


Julie said...

Fingers crossed foryou and the new home Lindsay.
UFO's looking great.