Tuesday, February 19, 2013


For the first time ever I signed up for IHSW last weekend and me being the forgetful person that I am forgot to take a before pic of Runekeeper.  But my regular readers should remember what it looked and if I have any new readers (Hello and Welcome) click on the Dragon Dreams tag down the bottom and you'll find my previous posts on it.

Anyway now that I have the missing Krenicks for it I spent the weekend finishing off the 4 blocks that needed them, 2 didn't take long to do and they only had bits to do, 3 stars on the Maiden and finish the border on the castle it was the other 2 that took the time but I'm down to the last 2 blocks so my poss goal of finishing by Easter is well on it's way to being smashed.   You watch now I've said that my weekend will end up busy and I won't get them done!

I'll leave you all wondering what I mean when I say 6 to go :) 


Linda said...

Ok Lindsay. I have no idea what 6 to go means unless you still have a little work in 6 of the blocks. It looks great and everytime I see it I want to get it and stitch it.


cucki said...

wow very pretty x

demeter83 said...

Looks fantastic, and hope you enjoyed your first IHSW, it's strangely addictive!

Julie said...

Could it be 6 sleeps before you are off somewhere?

Looking superb, this ones been a joy to watch develop.