Friday, February 01, 2013

January Progress & February Goals

For January I said
Start no more than 5 GFJ (Guilt Free January) projects Whoops I had 7!!
Do a square for SOLAK  Done 
Stitch an ornament  Sort of, did the flying Santa he's still an ornament just not for the tree

For February I'd like to
Finish Santa's House 
Start and finish Poinsettia house if it arrives early enough in the  month
Stitch an ornament
Stitch a SOLAK square
Get the rest of my stuff from Mum's and DBF's
Get the Krenicks I need for Runekeeper

I stitched for 100 hours 42 minutes in Jan, surprised myself with that one but I guess having some snow and a bad foot helped a little.  I had a needle in my hand every day which lead to 7 new starts but I finished 4 of those so I think I did pretty well.

Current PHD total = 33


Kate said...

Well done on the goals Lindsay. I record my stitching but haven't thought about keeping time.

Annie said...

Wow! 4 finishes out of 7 starts in one month....pretty impressive!

cucki said...

well done x

Julie said...

Good luck on Feruarys plans.

Denise SA said...

Well done on the progress hope you can continue through the year

Karen said...

Great job on getting so much done! 100 hours of stitching sounds like a dream come true for me! :)