Friday, February 08, 2013

Some progress pics

First is a somewhat overdue update of Runekeeper
I'm off to the stitching show at Event City tomorrow and I'm hoping I can pick up the missing Krenicks while I'm there.

At the one of the monthly beading groups I go to one of the ladies had a toe up sock with her and she inspired me to finally get my arse into gear and give one a go.
I've only done the toe so far and once I got my head round it it went OK but it took me a couple of attempts before the penny fully dropped!

And lastly my fella has been asking for a new hat for a while now so a couple of weeks ago we went and picked out some yarn for it.  I was quite surprised by the colour he went for much more my sort of colour than his.    He has no idea I've started it yet and keeps dropping hints but I'm keeping quiet and hoping I can finish it for V day next week so don't let on to him OK.


cucki said...

Enjoy yor weekend dear x

demeter83 said...

Loving the runekeeper, such a lovely chart, and your progress is great!

Julie said...

Hope you managed to get your threads and had a fun day at the show today.