Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meet Holly Snow

Last December just 9 days before I moved I went down to Birmingham for another Oak Tree Crafts class.
I got back from the class and she got put to one side cause after all I was about to move!
Anyway I finished Mum's box on Sunday and was all set to start working on the next of Mum's started projects and I was doing well with it till I used up the working thread I had and realised that it used a colour of Nymo I don't have anymore (I'm using it up and not replacing it cause I prefer KO) so had to wait to get it off Mum.
So I decided it was time to finish Holly off as she'd been so patient :)

Here's how she came home from the class, I'd also done her hat on the day (but not the holly on it) while waiting for the wooden form to dry after painting but forgot to include it in the pic

And here she is all finished.

And a side view, the colours in the class kit for her scarf were red and blue but I thought that they aren't really girly colours so I subbed 2 shades of purple.

And a view of the top of her hat so you can see the pattern.


Silverlotus said...

She is adorable!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

What a lovely beaded piece, the hat is so clever and the whole thing just made me smile.

Tina said...

Beautiful,where in Brum do you go,would love to have a go at beading x

Chris said...

So sweet! Amazing work!

cucki said...

Very pretty x

Claire said...

Very cute.

Julie said...

Oh my word, isn't she adorable.

Thank you Lindsay for my lovely bookmark, it arrived today. Thought I would post here as well as send email just in case you miss it again lol. Xx

Mary Beth said...

Can I just say how totally cute she is?!? Great finish.