Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend project

I've had to pick another new weekend project with finishing Namaste so I went with this one.
It's called The Zoo and it's a Lanarte kit and it's not mine.  Every once in a while people that I used to stitch for get in touch and ask me if I'm still stitching for folks and I do but it's rare these days.   Anyway that happened a couple of months ago for this and 2 other projects that I have yet to start but this is the most important one and will become a birth sampler once I return it.

So I thought that I would have it as a weekend project for at least a little while so it'll see far more progress than it would be worked on all the time because I would get bored with it after a week or two and start avoiding stitching after another week or so!

Here's how it arrived with me probably in the region of half done

And here's what I did over the weekend 

and a bit closer

I kinda feel I'm cheating a bit having this as a weekend focus project but it saves me from hating it and I may alternate weekends with one of my own PHD's after a while but I'll see in a few weeks time.


cucki said...

so sweet x

Lynn Bourke said...

Looks like a cute design!

Linda said...

What a cute design Lindsay.


Julie said...

A lovely cute design, i remember another lovely giraffe sampler you stitched last year too.

Claire said...

Looking good so far.x