Monday, March 11, 2013

TUSAL & 1000th post winner

It's TUSAL posting day so here's my jar.
I've added orts from Sunflower Sampler, Santa's House, Birds & Bees, Runekeeper, Winter exchange, The Zoo, Poinsettia Place and of course lots of KO, fireline etc from beading.

I made a list of all the folks that had commented on my 100th post and those that had left a comment the week before

Went off to and did the generator thing and got #2 which is Julie
Congratulations Julie you won the bookmark which given how much you read will come in useful :)


Linda said...

Congrats to the winner.


Julie said...

YAY!!! Thank you Lindsay

Your ORT jar us filling up nicely

SueH said...

That’s an awful lot of projects you’ve worked on over the last month Lindsay, it’s no wonder your TUSAL jar is filling up nicely.

Congrats to Julie on winning your beautiful bookmark.

Happy Stitching!

Chris said...

Congrats to Julie!
Lovely orts :)

cucki said...

congrats to julie..
lovely orts x