Saturday, March 15, 2014


The week before I came down with the chest infection I worked on my Dragon Robe again.
Here's how it looked last time I shared an update.

I've had the kit for this little guy hanging around for I don't know how long and this week after a couple of other projects didn't go right I decided it was time to do him.
I'd always planned to put him on a bookmark so I could start a collection of them just because I can :)

A friend at WI is coming to the end of her treatment for breast cancer this next week and I won't see her so last week I gave her this brooch as an end of treatment gift


Jo said...

Fab projects, here and on the last two posts. Debbie is a very lucky winner!

Julie said...

A very special gift for your friend Lindsay.
Love Mr Snowman!
Dragon is growing well too.

Maxine said...

I love your snowman's something I might have to try as I collect bookmarks:). Your gift for your friend is beautiful and very thoughtful!

Chris said...

Gorgeous projects. That is one sweet snowman :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow that dragon robe is awesome! And that snowman? Oh so cute!!!