Monday, March 03, 2014

Weekend progress

I spent the first half hour of my stitching time on Saturday doing the last bit of back stitch on Happy Holidays for the TW Tinies SAL.
I had hoped to finish it Friday night but I was way too tired and worn out with having another chest infection that I just couldn't do it.

Happy Holidays
Cross Stitch Monthly Oct 1989

And Winter Wingding progress of course one of the upsides of having a chest infection is that you get worn out easily and your chest hurts of you try to do pretty much anything so what do you do with your time?
A - Read alot
B - Stitch more
C - Nap 
D - All of the above

I'm thinking I might be done in a couple of weekends because if I've counted right I've got 14 squares and the border left to do and no plans for the next couple of weekends


Chris said...

Lovely finish and progress!
Have a great week!

Julie said...

Get well {hugs}
Loving the TW, it reminds me of my fireplace.
Great progress on WW, well done.

Andrea said...

Lovely stitching. Hope you feel better soon.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Its sooo nice to see TW's being worked on!

Sally said...

Love your progress on Winter Wingdings and your finish is so sweet.

Hope you're feeling better soon.