Wednesday, March 01, 2017

February progress & March goals

For February I said
Finish the Daffs    Done :)
Get the model at least half done   Not quite but not far off :(
Get my meet up exchange stitched, made up and sent   Done :)
Work on hexie flowers   Yep a few more added to the pile
Sell some stash  A couple of things were rehomed

For March I'd like to
Finish the model
Pick a new weekend project
Stitch the on the last RR
Start something new
Work on hexie flowers
Sell some stash

I stitched for 96 hours 14 minutes in February, not bad going for a month that's 3 days shorter.  I had 3 new starts and 4 finishes 3 of which were the new starts and I had time with a needle everyday

Current PHD total = 27

Jo asked of the Daffs was my oldest PHD and sadly no it's not I have a few that don't have a start year noted which means they were started before 1 Jan 2004 and one of them is as old as Mel is


Clare - Aimetu said...

That's lots of stitching Lindsay - well done on Feb's finishes and good luck with March's goals

Julie said...

Well done Lindsay, I hope March proves to be just as busy for you stitching wise.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I have a few WIPs older than my children but they are only 14 and 8!