Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bits and pieces

I spent Easter Weekend with both my DD's at DD#1 house in Northampton as she was due on Easter Sunday but rather unsurprisingly for a first baby he's not as yet put in an apperance so I'm expecting a phone call anytime in the next week/ 10 days to say she's gone into labour and knowing my luck it's going to be in the early hours of the morning, oh well at least the motorway will be quieter then.
We didn't really do much while there so I don't have much to tell you about so I'll show what I started and finished while there.

First is Tiny Little Quaker from Papillion Creations
And second is Spring Flowers from Debbie Draper designs although this one I only finished a little while ago
I also made progress on Home of a Needleworker (too!) and watched both DD's along with DD#1 fella play Grandia on the PS along with Hugh Jackman in leather (where's the drooling smilie when you need it!)

Mum is doing really well in her recovery and as of yesterday is down to one crutch, much faster than last year although she forgot to ask the physio bod if she thought she'd be OK trying to drive yet.
There's now less than a week to go to the WI Dart's match and as there was 8 of there today for practise we went into 2 teams and played few proper matches.

My team won the first two and I was responsibile for both of them, keep your fingers crossed I can play as well on the night.

We did nothing but laugh for the couple of hours we were there and our hostess told us about her neighbour who after she'd had WI ladies there for something else and had done alot of laughing asked her if she'd had 'one of those knicker parties', made all the funnier because our hostess is 73!! (I was totally gobsmacked by that, she certainly doesn't look her age)

I came back from my weekend to find that I had sprung a leak in the airing cupboard while I was away, yuck
I've had to wash every towel I own and throw out all my spare pillows and now have a bucket on the shelf while I wait for my Landlord to get it sorted but if I don't hear off him by the end of tomorrow I'll be on the phone again first thing Friday morning.

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