Saturday, March 01, 2008

Feb progress & March goals

For Feb I said
Finish The Riddle Done
Finish one of the small new starts Done
Maybe do an ornie Never gave it another thought
Make some more progress on the Birth Sampler Done
Work on my Peacock Chair Done

For March I'd like to
Finish the Peacock Chair
Make progress on the Birth Sampler
Become a Gran

I had a pretty good month really considering how busy it was, I stitched for 89hrs 21mins, made 2 new starts and had 4 finishes and only one day with no stitching (the day I helped DD move)


Stitcher said...

Well done on finishing the Riddle, which I saw half done in Harrogate.

Lindsay said...


Jo said...

Looks like a great month of stitching. I've missed pics of the Peacock chair, so off to find your webshots in case there's on there - I'm intrigued!!

So, when is the grandbaby due?


Lindsay said...

He's due on the 23rd which is Easter sunday but we're all hoping he comes early on the 19th, that would of been my Gran's 81st birthday