Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Peacock Chair

I've finished the stitching part of it, I'm sorry the pics not that good but it's a little cloudy today
All the pieces are cut out and pressed now, the card parts are stuck together and whileI'm at Mum's today we're going to make a start on putting it together


Daffycat said...

Lindsay, I'd love to have you join the Peacock SAL with this project! See my blog for info.

I am going to have to get this one some day ::drooling:: soon!

Great progress...it's so pretty!

Lindsay said...

Off to have a look at your blog now

Chiasmata said...

Oh wow, I'm just over halfway through stitching this piece at the moment! I'm pretty daunted by the finishing and can't wait to hear how you go.

Lindsay said...

So far it's been quite easy, it's the arm rolls that have me worried