Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The good, the bad and a WIP

First of all the WIP, Enchanting Lair's Cookie Dragon.
He was my Birthday start last year and I aim to have him finished by my birthday this year

The fabric is a Sparklies Solitaire and the reason I'm telling you that is because it brings me onto the good :)

Sparklies is one today and all year Kate has been taking submissions for the Gallery to do a prize draw, the winner get's a half metre of fabric in total or 36 skeins of her hand dyed floss or a combination of both and I'm the lucky winner of the draw this year. After the pain filled day I've had finding out I'd won really made my day all I have to do now is decide what I'd like

So the bad, as I said above I've had a pain filled day today. It started off with aching knees when I woke up this morning, as I was leaving to go to Mum's I remembered I needed my book to read while I took her car for it's MOT (it passed, yay) so I turned and twisted my ankle a little. Next up was a small cut as I made lunch followed a couple of hours later by the car door being blown onto my ear as I got stuff off the back seat, last but not least I dropped a pair of scissors on the foot that's swollen from twisting my ankle earlier in the day! I was suppossed to go to a Haflah this evening but decided it much was safer for me to stay home with my foot up besides I'm going to visit my framed Riddle on Friday at the NEC so I need it to be feeling better by then

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Chris said...

The cookie dragon is looking great. Can't wait to see him done.