Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Gran

My Gran would of been 81 today so I thought I'd share a few memories of her

Years ago when I was maybe 8/9 we were on a day trip to Llandudno and as we walked over a crossing her shoe fell apart so she walked into the shoe shop at the end of the crossing and asked if they sold shoes!

My brother used to call her the old witch and one year he gave her a witches broom for her birthday along with a poem he'd written, he held the broom at arms length to give to her and then ran down her garden path.
My gran was to busy laughing to tell him off, she held on to that broom for 20 odd years until it fell apart and when we were clearing her house out I came across the poem.

In the last couple of years of her life she lost most of her sight and I used to take her to the hospital for her appointments, because she couldn't see she always said that she'd follow me because she could see me as a shape (and because I always made sure I wore a bright top).
I kept threating to buy one of those extending dog leads to tie on to her walker, the last time I said it she replyed with ' well it's my birthday soon'

My Gran was the type of person that could take a joke and gave as good as she got, we frequently insulted each other knowing full well that nither of us meant it as an insult.
She hated that her memory was going as well and would often ask the same question several times in the space of a few minutes, it got so bad that at times I would time how long it took for her to ask it again and tell her, I sure that at times she did it on purpose!

I miss her dearly


Mel said...

we all miss her mum *hug*

Daffycat said...

Aww, your Gran sounds like she was a lot of fun.{{{hugs}}}