Tuesday, May 05, 2009

April finishes

I lost my blogging mojo a little during April so I never posted the finishes I had so I'm putting that right now.

The first two were started over Easter Weekend while away at DD's wedding and in the case of the Lily it was finished there as well. Both are for SOLAK

The tractor took alot longer than it should of because I was in the middle of stitching it when I borrowed Mel's Twilight books, which led to reading 3 books in 2 days and my current obssession with all things Twilight! (as I write I'm really glad that I live next door to a shop that's closed because Supermassive Black Hole from the movie has just started on Media player and I just *have* to turn the volume up and boogie!!)

Lastly some cats for the group project of a wallhanging that I'm involved with (you may have seen it mentioned on a few other UK blogs). This is my first square for it and I have some Donkeys half done that should be done in the next day or two.

Life is quiet round here this week again as Mel is still staying in college which means I get to act like a teenager with loud music and dancing round the living room (ok I admit that Mel being here doesn't really stop me doing that anyway, LOL).
Tomorrow evening is WI and I have to stand up in front with the rest of the choir and sings Off to the Races and Ascot Gavotte (My Fair Lady in case your wondering).


Kitty said...

They're all great, esp the cats. I'm glad the colours came out ok on that one :)

Doris said...

lovely finish, i like the cats too.

is normal and healthy to do funny things like singing songs, dance, my daughter (6 years) laughs at my goofy thing.. ;)

CindyMae said...

All of your finishes are great! Beautiful stitching!

Lula said...

lovely finishes. I esp love the tractor. Good luck with your singing. La la la I could hav danced all night....

mesdupmoi said...

Hi Mum!!
Good finishes :D
And I dance round the living room too! xx

Kristin said...

They are all great but I really like the cats.