Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mary Busby

It's that time of the week again when I share progress on Mary Busby. I had hoped to get the brown motif finished this week but instead I finished the pale yellow one that I had trouble seeing and it shows as well, I made a boo boo on it and by the time I discovered I was 3/4 done and decided to fudge it!

Last weekend when Mel was home she was sick and now I'm sick :( I've been feeling worse as the day has gone on and haven't touched my stitching this evening at all because it needed to much concentration so I've been working on a very old knitting WIP instead (a rare non- sock!).
I'm really hoping that I wake up in the morning and feel better because it's Thundersprint tomorrow and I've been looking forward to it all week although I'm not looking forward to being woken up at the crack of dawn by the motorbikes that will going flying down the road to get to the paddocks early (one of the drawbacks of living on one of the main routes into town)

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