Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was feeling better this morning so I decided that I would go to Thundersprint and even though it's been going since 1997 this is the first year I've made the effort and I'm sorry I waited so long!

I got into town just in time to see the cavalcade but I wasn't in a good place for pics :( the building in the background is the Council Offices and right down at the back on the right is the bull Ring

After the cavalcade (somewhere in the region of 150 bikes roaring past you) I wandered up to the paddocks (aka a car park at the other end of town)

I was lucky enough to get close to James Toseland

Then I went over to watch the speed trials timing it just right so I got there as the Spitfire flew overhead. I happened to stand right next to an old friend without noticing her until she said Hi, we've not seen each other for years!

I know you can't really tell what this pics all about but it's JT on his time trail, he played to crowd and spun his bike round in a circle while still reving to leave a huge rubber circle on the track (AKA another car park). Unsurprisingly he came last but the crowd loved it

I had a really nice afternoon and will be attending again next year, if you get teh chance to go next year do and let me know. I'm also tempted to go and see if that circle is still there tomorrow!
Just in case your interested you can find out about my home town here


Lula said...

Looks like a great time! my lil lad would have loved it. He's so into motorbikes

Kristin said...

Sounds like a great time!

Lauralness said...

Great fun!!