Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Camping Millie style

This morning I stripped my bed and it decided to rain so I put the maiden up and switched the dehumidifer on to draw water out.
This evening when I went to get the now dry duvet cover I had a giggle at Millie who decided it made a good tent :)
She looked so happy I left it there a bit longer

She will sit on anything that isn't a seat and is off the ground her favourite thing is cardboard box if I happen to leave one laying about


Daffycat said...

Really funny pictures of Millie! Cats do like to be on a seat...even if that "seat" is only a sheet of paper on the floor! Cats make me happy.

Doris said...

:lol: she look so comfy.

Bonnie said...

How precious! I get so much enjoyment out of my Miss Abbey. She entertains me with her antics.

CindyMae said...

Millie looks so cute and comfy! Great shots!