Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mary Busby

When we last saw Mary in this post I had just worked out that I had some frogging to do :(
Between being away and being busy in general I didn't touch Mary until last week when I was sick and all I did then was frogging I needed to do.
So yesterday I restarted the yellow motif and done a few other little bits on her.

I starting to think that unless she gets some serious time put in on her she's not going to be finished this year (but I'll bet Pat's is).

Sharon asked how many WIP's I have and right now it stands at 45! I do try and remember to post a current WIP total at the end of my monthly progress post so feel free to have a look each month to see if it's changed at all


Daffycat said...

Looks good! I hate when I have a lot to takes me forever to get around to it. Kudos to you for getting it done!

Ranae said...

It looks great.
NO more frogging!!!!