Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Exchange part 2

The postman made my day this morning when he brought me this

and this from Krisztina in Budapest
But that's not all because this opens up into .......

this! The scissors are my Dovo's and I put them there to show the pocket

and Krisztina included some goodies as well. The chocolate I'm going to save until Easter.

Kriszina tells me that she's been reading my blog to help her find the best pattern to stitch for me and that it's a Trellela Design. I think she did an outstanding job and her finishing is perfect. I've sat and had a really good look and I think I know how it's put together because I'd love to try it myself sometime.

And just in case your still interested in the state of my wrist..... it's doing much, much better. I've not quite got a full range of movement back and anything that requires pulling or weight is still a no go but I can do lots of things now with a little care.


Alice said...

Cute exchange! What's not to like about chocolate? I'm glad your wrist is doing better.

Justflo said...

What a lovely exchange. You have some very pretty designs.
Happy stitching to you.