Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I was doing so well with a square a day on this and had actully got a little ahead of myself but that all came to a halt yesterday.
I woke up with a pain in my left wrist and as the day went on it got worse until I gave in and strapped it up late afternoon.
This morning it was much, much worse and at one point I could quite happily chopped it off as every movement hurt and still does but not quite so badly.
So no more Nova for me for a few days, I can still stitch but only one handed and it's sooooooo slow.

Anyway here's how far I got

And the one's I did in a little more detail, it includes the one above the half done one on the right

I sat and did a little maths on Wednesday morning about Nova.
There's a total of 396 squares in it and as of Tuesday morning I'd done 72 of them leaving me 323 to do and from Monday 1st March there's was 293 days until Dec 31 so I would be done around the end of Jan 2011 if I stuck one square a day.
So if I did one month of 2 squares a day I could be done by the end of this year and given that some of them are plain tent stitch and very quick to do it's perfectly poss.
All I can do is hope that whatever is causing my wrist pain settles soon (Doc's visit will happen if it doesn't so no nagging please) so I can get back to it


Karen said...

That's such a pretty design! Love the colors. Hope your wrist is in stitching order again soon!

loulee said...

I love the soft colours of this one.
Look after that wrist. Is it RSI? I used to get that when the only craft I did was cross stitch, even now if I spend too much time working with a hoop I still get pain in my left wrist.

Jo said...

Looks wonderful... I hope your plan ti finish it this year works! Mary is looking lovely too.

Hope your wrist gets better quickly, without a visit to the quack. Hope it's not RSI... I have a friend who had to GIVE UP knitting. Nightmare!

Alice said...

I hope your wrist gets better soon. You might have to (gasp) moderate your stitching time. I once got a ganglion on my wrist from too much knitting and had to scale back my time spent on my favorite project. Thanks for showing us Nova, it is such a neat project. Is that ....congress cloth?

Justflo said...

Lovely colours. Hope your wrist soonsgets better. you've got such a lot more squares to do.
Happy stitching to you.


vivian said...

hi Lindsay
came to visit and nice to see my pillow on your blog, I feel famous (or something)!!!!!
Glad to see someone else making Nova. I finished mine several years ago (still not framed) but enjoyed every square.