Sunday, March 28, 2010

NEC haul

Yesterday I went to the NEC for Sewing for Pleasure and a few things followed me home.
The largest chunk of £ went on beads but I now have all I need for several projects I want to do this year.

And a happy or so hour this morning along with a few extra's that have been waiting to be rehomed they looked like this and and have now been fully sorted and added to my Delica collection.
And did I start one of those new projects I want to do even though I currently don't have a beading WIP, no I didn't I pulled out a UFO to work on and finished that instead!

I couldn't resist the fabric top left with rainbow coloured lizards on even though I have no idea what I'll do with it. The fabrics on the bottom are Japanese ones .

At this point Millie came to investigate what I was doing, either that or she wanted to sit on the paper bags that were on the floor behind this. There was 5 of those boxes on the bottom but as you'll of seen above the other 3 are now filled with Delica's.
I've wanted Stitchoply for a while now and was pleased to get it, all I need now is someone to play it with

And I did get some stitching stash

I was planning on getting Needle and Thread and was really pleased to be able to get the bed as well.

I had a really good day spent a small fortune but I had been saving since Christmas to go and it's my one big stash splurge each year so that's allowed.
Mel used some of her Christmas money to buy herself a cushion kit which she started this morning and made has good progress on it, I'll post a pic in a couple of days


Justflo said...

You had a good day out. Love your beads. Glad you enjoyed your sorting and stashing.

Ginnie said...

Lots of lovely stash.... my Mother in Law went to the show and said how good it was, wish I'd gone now!!

Alice said...

What a cute cat! I am glad you had a lovely stash shop. I wish I could have gone to the show too.

Karan said...

That's what I call a great stash haul. :0)