Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remembrance Bookmark

Because I still have a lot of stuff stored at Mum's and DBFs I don't as yet have all my beading patterns here and almost all the  ones I do have available are all Christmas ones which I'm not in the mood to work on right now I was getting a bit fed up with what I could work on.  So having grumbled about this to Mum she piped up and said that I could do some of her kits for her so I agreed.

First one I was given to do was this Poppy Bookmark from Pandorion Beads

Started on Monday and finished yesterday I gave it back to Mum today and when Mel saw it she asked if I could make another one for her but as a bracelet!

Second one was the Kerenza Bracelet from Oak Tree Crafts
Your probably sat there thinking that's there's no clasp to do it up and your right there's isn't.  It come with large facets in the kits to make a toggle clasp but Mum decided she would prefer a 'normal' metal toggle on it instead so I've given it back to her as it is so she can add it and make sure she gets the length right.


cucki said...

very cute bookmark x

Julie said...

Stunning bookmark Lindsay

Lulu said...

Both are beautiful beaded projects! You are so talented :)

Silverlotus said...

Wow, I really love the Rememberance bookmark. And, as always, a great job on both projects.