Thursday, December 06, 2007


I shouldn't of said on Saturday that I must be ill, I tempted fate and was ill Tuesday!

I woke up feeling sick and my head didn't feel right all day, yesterday was no better but I wasn't going to let that stop me going to Chester Cathederal for the Cheshire WI Federation's Christmas Carol service!
I felt lousy the way through and by the time I'd done the rest of my Christmas shopping after I was fit to drop last night
But after a really good night's sleep, a very late rise this morning and little pink & yellow pills yesterday I'm right as rain today

Anyone want to know what I got in my pressie advent calendar?
Well even if you don't your about to find out :)
Sunday - Lindt chocolate snowman and a card for gift # 2 (red bauble with a snowman handpainted on it)
Monday - Earrings
Tuesday - Snowman ornament for the tree
Wednesday - Krenick Blending Filament, # 8 braid and a lucky crystal cat to go in my purse
Today - Skein of Needlepaints in purple

I did manage to get the ornament done for DD #1 and handed over on Sunday when we went down, in the process of making it up I've come to the conclussion that me and my sewing machine don't like each other very much!
But with not being well on Tuesday and out most of yesterday I'm still trying to get my hours done on Zoe's UFO, they will be done today if it kills me!
I'm out tomorrow morning, then have to come home and pack for the weekend before driving to to Alsager to pick DD#2 BF up so we can all go to The Austrian for Crampus on Saturday (He's in a tent befor eyou start wondering) so I have to get the hours in today or it's going to be another week before I can send it home and that's just not fair on Zoe as it's already a month late

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