Wednesday, December 12, 2007


First of all I finished the Pansy block, YAY me (I'll post a pic in the next day or two) and the Peony block is well under way

Yesterday I had my 6 monthly Diabetic check up and not only am I well under control but it's so good that my average blood sugar reading is too low!
Last June it was 5.6%, 2 weeks ago it was 5.3% and it should be around 7% so the nurse was going to talk to the Doc today about getting my meds reduced down to 2 or 3 a day instead of the 4 I'm on now, to say I'm happy is a understatement

Advent update
7th - DMC 869
8th - DMC 3801
9th - Kreinik BF
10th - Stardust compact notebook and pen (The front cover is purple and sparklie and it pops open when you take the pen out)
11th - DMC 746
12th - DMC 154

DD#1rang me this afternoon as I started to scrub the bathroom to tell me that she'd just had a phone call off a housing association, they are waiting to get the keys back to a 2 bed house and as soon as they have done any work that needs doing DD get's first refusal on it.
So hopefully in early Jan she'll have a house she can make into a home rather than the temp house she's in now that's she can't do anything in (she's not even allowed to have her sister stop overnight because she's over 16 and classed as an adult!)

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